Food Plot Design and Construction

Food plots can attract and hold more game on your property. Food plots can also provide increased nutritional value for wildlife during critical periods of the year, resulting in a healthier population. The choices are almost limitless and sometimes confusing. There is a multimillion-dollar business focused on advertising and promoting various wildlife planting, many of which may not be productive in the area where your property is located. MID-SOUTH FORESTRY can help guide you to a plan that fits your pocketbook and equipment limitations. Location, size and annual maintenance can also be important factors that need be to considered. Management of existing natural vegetation is often a good low cost method for providing improved wildlife food services. We own our own bulldozer and a 100 HP 4-wheel drive tractor and we can provide whatever assistance you may desire.

Services available:

  • Soil sampling
  • Seed choices
  • Herbicide application for control of competition
  • Fertilize and Lime requirements
  • Determine size and location of food plots
  • Food plot construction (dozer & tractor work)
  • Seed & Fertilize application
  • Annual maintenance